What is the design of the site?

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Web Design | Web Development | Professional design
In the design of a professional website for example wedding hall web site (باغ تالار) and website design, there are a number of pages in .html or .php format, and so on, arranged like a computer in a number of folders. The main page of the site where the start of the work is formed is the index.html page. In the design of the site, or b. When you search for your address and enter it, your browser will receive information from the server and then display it to you.

The index.html file contains a number of code texts and images that a web designer specifies how to arrange it for display to the user. On webpages, a number of pages may be linked to other pages. Which generally refers to this set of links, images, texts and ... website design. The following is a complete description of the site design and design of the portal:

1. Start web design as follows:

-Select domain name (same name as domain name)

-State the domain name you chose

-Buy-hosting or where your site's files are placed on. The most important factor is choices

Site template and graphics

Do not worry, all these steps will be carried out by Parsaya Design Company.

2.Applications used in site design and portal design:

The basis of the design of the site is based on programming languages ​​such as php, python, asp, etc. In today's world, the most popular php programming language is that the web design company Parsaa is based on php and python designing their sites. To give The use of php and python technologies will increase the flexibility of the site, as well as allowing users to use a very simple and efficient admin panel. The two languages ​​will also increase the ability to create object and site development. In these languages, the mysql database is used, sites such as Google use these types of databases.

3. Why is site security important?

To prevent potential misuse of users, validation will be validated when entering your site, as well as the frameworks that Parsaya operates based on, each user embeds a security code in order to avoid non-existent access. And from the site's databases, a backup will be made to retrieve site information if they are lost.

Types of site design and portal design and website design:

Sites are categorized into several categories according to their usability and programming style:
Static or static sites:

In this type of site design, sites are only designed once and the information they need is only when they are designed. Such sites do not have the ability to create a admin panel for users, and are suitable for site owners who want to update their site with just a few per year. The cost of designing a website for such sites is very low and Google can easily index them. And more with html and css.

The loading speed of static sites is very high due to the low code volume, and these sites usually have a much better and more beautiful appearance than other sites because because of their dynamic possibility there can be any change in their existence. Brought up

Dynamic or dynamic sites:

In this kind of site design or portal design, people can access the admin panel and edit it (content or template). In these sites, php or python programming languages ​​are used to dynamically modify them.

In this kind of site design, because the content of the site should be changed, it can not be beautiful or at least as much as static sites.

Dynamic sites do not have a limit to the content of your site, but depends on the volume of hosts purchased by the customers.

The use of code volume in such sites makes site loading speed much slower than static site design. And such sites are suitable for organizations that tend to change their site several times a year.


In this kind of site design and portal design, sites are much larger and designed for use within organizations. Such as the Islamic Azad University portal or news portals.

Static and flash sites (flash & dynamic flash web page):

In this kind of site design and portal design, Flash sites are in two static site models and semi-dynamic sites. It uses xml technologies for data transfer and action scripts to dynamize flash in such sites.

Such sites are usually unmodifiable and should be manipulated by people who know how to use Flash. Flash sites have been roughly dropped due to the large volume of irremovability and also because Google was unable to detect them.

The advantages of flash sites are their beauty. Such sites are suitable for those who do not want to appear on Google or do not need to advertise.

Cms content management sites:

In this kind of website design or design of the portals, they are referred to as cms. Dynamic sites or portals are cms like wordpress or joomla from these sites.

Launching these sites takes less than three business days and is not suitable for sites that are long-term vision because the ability to switch

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Interesting post about web design.
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Web designing and web development are becoming popular techniques. Here they are sharing the information about these two courses. So that you can do my assignment to learn the bodies about these two courses. So I suggest everyone stay tuned to it if you people want to learn something innovative.
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I really enjoy reading through an article that can make people think. I also thank you very much for allowing me to comment on this article!
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There are many types of designs. Website design is called web design. Website designs are designed according to each website. Professional web designing services are provided by many people. This makes it easier for people.
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